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Tobaccy, pipe weed for hobbits…

So you wonder why Gandalf, Frodo and nearly everyone else in The Lord Of the Rings were smoking pipes? It appears that tobacco has a preventative effect on Parkinson’s… (hmmm… gotta choose now between LUNG cancer and Parkinson’s?) Sort of reminds me of Sleeper with Woody Allen, French Fries, Hamburgers and Tobacco and Alcohol will some day be found to be GOOD for us… (personally I could go for a BACON CHEESEBURGER). This whole thing might be bogus, General Macarthur smoked a corn cob pipe and HE was rumored to have Parkinson’s! Hitler was a rabid vegetarian and he got it…


Written by martyworld

July 18, 2011 at 2:34 am

Posted in Parkinson's

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