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War of the Neurons

This movie SORTA scared me, not like the “I married a monster from outer space movie” but scary nonetheless. It was in a creepy old theater in downtown San Francisco that I saw the previews. I sometimes imagine Parkinson’s as little Martian ships with death rays, decimating the brain. You send in the military, that doesn’t work; then the chaplain walks out with a bible, ZZZAAP! No respecter of religion…

But wasn’t it a great flick? Special effects were cheezy by our standards but the noble scientist, wearing a sport jacket and tie, an the sweater girl assistant fought off the Martians (who were finally beat by cold germs).

*been a while since I got to do any sketches, school and dumb old me trying to learn 3D on the computer, FINALLY gave up for a bit and decided to draw, got too get the drawing muscles back in shape!!!


Written by martyworld

February 11, 2012 at 10:47 pm

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