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Getting old sucks!

Okay, so I was having this discussion with my neuro guy and we start talking about what probably caused the Parkinson’s. I mean you’ve got everyone having this theory and that one from not enough cholesterol, you didn’t smoke enough, you didn’t drink coffee to cellphone radiation (and they are coming out with more possible causes by the day.) He told me that the bottom line is that we are living longer and therefore subject to just getting OLD. Some kind of disease will get ya’ come hell or high water! We’re living longer so the diseases have more chances to manifest themselves. As a matter of fact they found a mummy recently that showed that the ancient Egyptians actually had PROSTATE CANCER! So much for environmental factors!

We have an innate NEED to find out “what caused this stuff to happen to me?” The answer is NOTHING IN PARTICULAR. It’s just the way things are when you get older. So here’s to OLD AGE! Bring on the Sinemet CR, the ibuprofen and let’s steer clear of the 10th cup of coffee. None of us is getting out alive so you might as well relax, it ain’t your fault.


Written by martyworld

February 12, 2012 at 9:56 pm

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