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Take two of these and call me in 30 days…

Okay, I been scratching my head trying to figure out what got “brainfan” so fired up on my Armored Duck post. A little bit of research revealed what I think may be really going on. Read up on the internet slander of Dr. Barrett the founder of quackwatch here. It appears I have fallen prey to some “duck hunters”! I unapproved a post and am going to turn it back on before closing down comments on my toons for a while. After all guys I am just an artist with a simple motto “shut up and draw!”

When you read the post by “brainfan” that mentions Dr. Barrett, you will find “No. 8” in my list of how to find out if an alternative medicine cure is “real”, when they have no science or concrete evidence behind their claims and they get exposed, they resort to an “ad hominem” attack. That is they impune the integrity of the messenger (Dr. Barrett in this case).

For my good buds, if you needs me just turn on the “bee signal”! And the striped crusader will answer (in otherwords y’all know how to get ahold a me.)


Written by martyworld

April 9, 2012 at 6:51 pm

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