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It’s for you, (maybe…)

Okay, so I call the VA and ask them two weeks ago what the status was on my disability claim for Parkinson’s and Agent Orange exposure. The very nice girl on the other end says “you’re now in the decision phase, it will take about 16 days to determine the amount and how much you get.” I call back this last Friday and the lady says “no, that’s wrong, you’re still in the development phase, and they are moving all the Agent Orange Fast Track claims to the regular line up for evaluation, we will contact you in 10 days or so if we need anything else…” Well this is sort of like going through what you thought was the drive thru at Macdonald’s and finding you’re really in a two hour wait to get seated restaurant!

If its this crazy for the veterans you can just imagine what “universal health care” is going to be like. Mind you I AM thankful they got my meds all covered AND they paid the neuro bill at the VA (after I reminded them it was service related Agent Orange).

So this is me in Viet Nam making a phone call and smoking my corn cob pipe…


ps. shout out to Lorenzo, my brown water Navy, Parkie, Agent Orange vet bud in Houston!


Written by martyworld

May 6, 2012 at 6:42 pm

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