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The medicine’s GOT to be working!

OK, it was a crazy Tuesday, a friend of mine called in a panic and needed Connie to come over and watch his babies while he took his wife to the hospital. I dropped Connie off and me and the couple and one baby went to the ER. When all was said and done, it was 11:30 cruising through Westlake, SORTA ran a pink light. I get pulled over by a squad car. The good officer explains that I had ran that stoplight back there and he was pulling me over. The officer must have heard me explain to someone on the phone that “we had just gotten done dropping her off at the hospital”. THANKFULLY he didn’t overhear what the person said on the other end, something about “tell that cop to mind his own business!” (she’s 86 and an Army nurse from WWII, so I cut her some slack!) He lets me go with a verbal warning! TALK ABOUT A BIG WHEW, AND THANK YOU LORD!

Now here’s where it gets good, Connie says “that medicine must be really working, you didn’t shake at all when that cop pulled you over…” Thank you Sinemet and thanks to that anonymous officer of the peace!

So here’s the FIRST drawing from the ipad! It’s gonna take some getting used to the surface…


Written by martyworld

May 12, 2012 at 9:32 pm

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