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All in the day’s work!

Well the season is upon us, it’s hotter than the nethermost infernal regions of Hell outside and the roaches are all wanting to come into the air conditioning. These aren’t your little roaches you guys are used to up north but ones the size of small Volkswagens. So I get out the spray, we got a spray called “Bengal” that really USED to work. Now us Parkies are supposed to avoid any exposure to pesticides if we can but when you got traffic in roaches like we do I gotta’ do something! So I spray like crazy, the stupid dog get’s her nose right it and starts to sneeze! (I’m thinking GREAT now the dog is gonna’ come down with Parkinson’s too!) I evacuate the premises for a couple of hours, it had no effect on the dog, haven’t seen the roaches back (yet, knock on wood).

I’ve included a cartoon also from the 1916 Tulane newspaper called the Jambalaya, nothin’s changed…

(it’s title was “All in the days work!”)


Written by martyworld

June 19, 2012 at 9:04 pm

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