The Dopamine Chronicles

An almost daily cartoon about Parkinson's

Blowin’ a head gasket!

Okay, it’s been nearly a month, maybe it’s the mixing of the sinemet, flowmax and pain meds, and maybe it’s just the stress of trying to get the kidney stone OUT of my body, but the old meds ain’t workin’ as well as they were BEFORE the stone… right hand tremor is back and noticeable… I go hmmmm? Maybe its time to get tweaked on the sinemet, but then again the stone can move at any time and my wife thinks it is just stress that is causing the symptoms.

So I’m taking a painkiller along with the other stuff, hoping that it will RELAX the ureter enough to push the little bugger into the bladder (it HAD moved since the last time I was x-rayed). But those have their drawback, CONSTIPATION (NOT ANY FUN CAUSE’ US PARKIES ALREADY ARE CONSTIPATED!) If it ain’t moved by Tuesday, Wednesday they’re going up there with a plumber’s snake and grabbin’ the little rock.

Fun and frolic on the dopamine roller coaster! WHEEEEHEEEHAWWWW!

 ps. this drawing is lovingly HAND MADE… no machines were involved in it’s creation!


Written by martyworld

October 28, 2012 at 6:22 pm

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