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I dropped my iPad on it’s power button…


And BROKE IT! It’s permanently on right now and I won’t replace it. I was playing with computer fractals and thought to myself “crap, this just ain’t cutting it! gotta’ get back to the sketchbook.” So I did this little drawing tonight while ignoring Fox News and Bill O’Reilly. It kind of summarizes what this blog is really all about, it’s about ME!

That’s right, it may help a bunch of people along the way but it’s really about me and DRAWING STUFF. I find Parkinson’s news then digest it and spit out a drawing or illustration about it (and illustration is just a high hat word for cartoon). It MAY be funny or it MAY be “editorial.” But it is always sort of a stream of consciousness sort of thing, notes and sketches. But rather than go on blathering about my stuff, here’s the drawing (lemme’ esplain it to you Lucy!):

1. Bad stuff comes in the top (lemons) these represent tremors, insomnia and constipation, yer basic Parkie stuff

2. Grinds through the old brain

3. Farts a number of things out the back! (ideas and spinoffs)

4. MEDS, OMG do I need MEDS!

5. I do a doodle, cartoon, illustration, sketch or whatever about my research or experience of the day. But in the end I would do the drawing whether no one looked at it, cause I do it to reassure myself this “glide plane” down  into Parkinson’s ain’t so steep and I can still draw (and I will continue to draw as long as the Good Lord let’s the ideas and hand work together).



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September 30, 2013 at 9:01 pm

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