The Dopamine Chronicles

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How to winterize your Parkinson’s patient- lessons I learned from my youth. A lot of cars up in Minnesnowta where I grew up would have long antennas with fluorescent colored tennis balls attached to the top. The snowplows and drifts would bury your car but you could find it by the ball. So why not attach a BLINKING antenna ball to your Parky friend? You could tell it was him by his would be the only one “shaking”.

Next: find authentic Russian army or Red Chinese winter war gear to wear. We may have been ahead technology wise, but they had us beat on cold weather gear! (besides their stuff was so much cooler!)

*Personal note, my butt never got cold so I think I would thaw out a hole in any snow drift, but with Parkinson’s my thermostat is out of whack…



Written by martyworld

January 28, 2014 at 7:58 am

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