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The Rats in a Hot Tub Drinking Wine Coolers Test…

I was privileged to hear Don Weller, a West Coast Illustrator, speak in the early ’80’s. He had decided that the rat race, grindstone way of doing design was not for him. So he shut down at 4:30 on Friday and hits the beach with Chacha his wife. A client called at 4:20.

“Don, we need you to do an illustration for our magazine” Don says “We are going to the beach!” the Client says “It’s black and white”, “Still can’t do man, we are headed out!” “Don, it’s a picture of rats in a hottub drinking wine coolers…” “OH, I can DO that!”

Stress is the great symptom maker for a lot of PD’ers. So I have decided to prune back on the number of jobs I am taking on (looking for LOW stress.) I will be applying the “Rats in Hot Tub Drinking Wine Coolers” test to any and all potential jobs. If the project isn’t THAT cool to do, I won’t do it…



Written by martyworld

September 30, 2014 at 10:17 pm

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