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Went to the VA and my neuro there gave me the lowdown on DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation). The BEST you can expect is having the best day on meds (without as MANY meds) and he said I ain’t ready for it just yet. HE SAID I’M NOT READY FOR IT YET!!!  I am blessed to have “CBS”, (CREATIVE BRAIN STIMULATION), means that when I do art, tooning or painting (or PROGRAMMING, writing code) my symptoms disappear.

So what would a DIY DBS kit look like? First you need a drill, with a 1/2 ” “spade bit”, then some turkey skewers, 150 proof any kind of hard liquor (for antiseptic and anesthesia), some turkey skewers, 9 volt battery, and an old remote from a VCR, finally some lightweight wires, AND OF COURSE YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT TO DO THIS! I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR FRIED BRAIINS, SCRAMBLED BRAINS OR BRAINS OVER EASY!!!



Written by martyworld

March 14, 2015 at 9:36 pm

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