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Snake Oil Salesmen

Undoubtedly if you’ve had Parkinson’s very long, you’ve seen all sorts of crap on the net that says “Miracle Cure”, “Big Pharma is hiding the cure from you”, and “secrets the doctors aren’t telling you” ad nauseum. WELL  DON’T BUY INTO IT!!! If it was legit ALL THE DOCTORS WOULD BE USING IT AND PARKINSON’S WOULD BE WIPED OUT!

You say “not so fast there Marty, all these doctors and drug companies are evil and greedy.” But this actually happened about 40 years ago with stomach ulcers. People would die from these things, be on medicine for life, etc. THEN they found out it was an infection caused by h-pylori. The right antibiotic and presto! Ulcers are GONE!

So if someone tries to sell you on a miracle cure for PD, just say no! To quote my first Neuro doc “If it ain’t approved by the FDA I wouldn’t stick it in my mouth!”



Written by martyworld

May 28, 2015 at 9:25 pm

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