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Parkinson’s Life Hack (DIY speech delay system)

Parkinson’s Life Hack: been having a few issues with speech, looked up some devices that could help MIGHTY PRICEY!  I don’t have 4-5000 to plunk down on what they were offering.

So I started hacking and thinking tonight. Could I do it on the cheap? I mean pay NOTHING and see if this tech works.

The principal is to give you a delayed (slightly delayed, in the microseconds) copy of your voice going in your ear as you talk (you use only one ear.)

1. take your smartphone download an app called Speech Jammer
2. load it up and set the delay for several (3-7)
3. plug your earbuds in, put ONE in you ear, start it up and see if it works

It’s WORKING. Now to see how it does out in real life.


Written by martyworld

July 29, 2015 at 11:00 pm

Posted in Parkinson's

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