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Brain Surfing…

Read an interesting article by a Psychologist with Parkinson’s. He said the disease was “like PAC man” in that it ate up all of the time he had in the day with appointments, treatments and just putting up with symptoms. He just couldn’t get any “traction.”

Boy do I so GET thatbrainwave

So what are you supposed to do? A way through presented itself. I had to “surf” and adjust when schedules get overturned and do something appropriate to what’s happening then. For instance if I couldn’t draw because of the tremors, do an online tutorial or READ about Graphic Design and Illustration or look for fresh ideas.

When the meds finally DO kick in:

  1. I have to be patient and work slower.
  2. I don’t have to struggle for hours and do perfect line work.
  3. I was and still am very FAST at all this stuff. I’ve got lots of time.
  4. I need to clock out of the “timeclock” mentality and be happy in the bits and pieces I CAN do even if the day is going south.

In summary I have to “flexible” like that brain on a surfboard and adjust on the fly, looking out for what to draw.

An old friend told me once that I was very good at handling chaos, so when things go “wrong” I just need to adjust (COWABUNGA I AM THE KING OF CHAOS!)

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January 6, 2019 at 8:44 pm

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